Kamis, 16 Juli 2009

Evacuation of Marriott and Ritz Carlton: 1 active bomb found at 18th floor

The Gegana corpse was still evacuating the bomb inside the hotel . The inspection is about the bomb material and clean out the area from bomb threat.

For safety reason, all the visitors and the press are not allowed to stand nearby to the hotel.

The latest inspection found 1 active bomb at the 18th floor of Marriott hotel. the bomb is packaged in the bag and is now still being evacuated by Gegana.

The bombardment pushed the police to close the streets nearby. All the office activities near the hotel were being temporary stopped. Hundred of police corpse was evacuating the spot. The police has spread over the police line in front of Ritz Carlton hotel.

Hundred of employees and hotel guests were standing outside the building to watch the incident. They seem panic, shock, or just standing quietly.

Manchester United: Cancel Asia Tour 2009 visit to Indonesia?

The tour of Manchester United has reached Malaysia now. Malaysia has been chosen for the beginning of the Asia Tour 2009. The next visit would be Indonesia, South Korea and ended in China.

The explosion happened today at Marriott and Ritz Carlton may cancel MU's coming to Indonesia. Moreover, the blast may resulted the cancellation is not only for Indonesia visit but may impact to the whole tour itself

Or maybe MU will cancel its visit to Indonesia and stay longer at Malaysia. and after that continuing the tour to South Korea.
It was mentioned that some of MU players took their family. the depression of bombardment near them and the fact that they are far away from home may impact to the cancellation of tour.

JW Marriott Bomb took victim of TIMOTHY MACKAY, Holcim President Director

The President Director of Holcim, Timothy MacKay has passed away in the incident of JW Marriott bombardment this morning. MacKay was having breakfast meeting in the hotel when the blast happened.

After the blast, MacKay was taken to hospital but could not survived. He passed away at the hospital. Now MacKay body was still in the hospital. The company doctor was still examining the body till now.

MacKay was graduated from Massey University, New Zealand and has become the President Director of Holcim since May 2004.

photo source: holcim

2 peoples dead bodies at JW Marriott: Founded in pieces

Indonesian Red Cross found 2 dead bodies which were already torn into pieces. The bomb has cut them into 6-7 pieces and spread them apart.

The Red Cross found slices of hands, eyes, skull, brain, legs and other parts.
The parts were collected in small bags. They would be removed to hospital to have further autoption.

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Ritz Carlton & JW Marriot Bombardment : 6 peoples died, 36 got injured, 9 peoples had surgical operation

The bombardment of Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot, Jakarta has hurt 36 peoples, 9 of them were going to have the operation at MMC Hospital, Jakarta.

They are 7 foreigners: Kevin, Peter, Scott Miriles, Simon Louis, Gary Ford, Cindy, Andrew. And 2 Indonesian citizen: Dadang Hidayat and Sudargo.

Big explosion has crushed out the 2nd floor of Ritz Carlton's windows. Mirrors exploded in million pieces and spreaded down under..

Meanwhile, the police has found 6 dead bodies inside. the bodies were not identified yet. the police took it in human corpse's bag to get autoption at Polri Sukamto Hospital. 1 of them is identified as foreigners.

Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Can you tell me where is exactly Harry Pottter's Scar?

The famous scar of Harry Potter is very popular now. it is taking the shape of lightning bolt at his forehead.
He got it as the result of failed attempt of murder by Lord Voldemort.
Potter was only 15 months old at that time.
He and his family was attacked by the killing curse by Voldemort, the Prince of darkness.

Harry Potter was the only one who could survive from the attack as his mother protected him with her loving sacrifice.
It left Potter with the scar on the forehead and made him famous as "magic boy" in witchraft world.

But do you know where it is? on the center of forehead? on left side or right side? As you can see that in the trailer of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", the scar is located at the right
side and end up above Harry's eye.
well, mostly we assume that the scar is located at the centre of the forehead, as the cover book showed. But Rowling (www.ew.com) revealed that she never point out in her writing where is the exact location is. As for the books, the illustrator said the placement of the scar was left up to her. So, everybody should has their own interpretation on this (www.ew.com).